The Process Of Garage Door Installation

The introduction of science and technology has made man’s life easier in so many ways. Not only different kinds of products have been discovered but the ways of protecting those products have also been introduced. If we have smart phones then we have their covers as well. Similarly, if we have cars or any other vehicles then we also have garage and garage doors for their protection. Garage doors play an important role in protecting garage items and vehicles against all odds. Have you ever wondered how these garage doors are installed? If not then no need to worry as we are going to discuss about the process of garage door installation in this article.

Garage doors:

Garage doors are the huge sized doors that are mostly made up of wood and metal but sometimes they are also composed of metal glass. The main function of these garage doors is to protect the items and vehicles that are placed inside garage. This protection can be protecting your vehicle from getting stolen or protecting your garage items from getting affected by the extreme weather conditions. Garage doors can further be divided into two types which are automatic garage doors and manual garage doors. Automatic garage doors are the doors that are dealt automatically whereas manual garage doors are the doors that are handled by man himself. 

The process of garage door installation:

Even though there can be some difference between both; automatic garage doors and manual garage doors but still their methods of installation are almost same. If you are struggling with your garage door that has been installed since ten years then it is time to replace it with a newer garage door. To install a new garage door, one must remove the panels and hinges of older garage door so they will not come in the way while installing a newer one. Then measure the width and length of the space where the garage door has to be installed. After that a garage door of that particular size is bought or ordered from the market.

Now, install new hinges and panels on their respective places, then connect these panels firmly. Install vertical and horizontal tracks on those panels and then connect them with each other. At last, if you feel that nice garage door has been placed properly then make the bolts tight.


Garage doors are the huge sized doors that are meant to provide protection to the garage items and most importantly to the vehicles that are placed inside the garage. There are two types of garage doors which are automatic garage doors and manual garage doors. The method of installation of both of these garage doors is almost similar. It begins with measuring the area properly and ends with tightening the bolts firmly. “IM garage door repairs” offers their services of garage door service Melbourne in a best way possible. They not only install new garage doors but also repair the older ones.