Working Towards The Betterment Of The World

Many of us go about our daily lives without a thought for the environment, the animals or the way our existence is impacting the world around us. We do not even realize just what is happening to the world around us because we are so busy with our full time jobs and our own lives. We create tons and tons of garbage every day and then we simply give it all away without thinking of what is going to happen to it when it leaves our homes and although many of us are well aware of the landfill and waste crisis, we hardly ever relate that problem with our own lives. It is our garbage that is filling up the landfills and going in to the sea. When a dead whale washes up on shore that is our garbage that we find in its stomach that has chocked him to death so in a way, we all have blood, a lot of blood on our hands from our food habits to our garbage disposal and production habits to everything else. 

Make a change

Of course, this does not have to be so because there are ways in which you can make changes in your own life to change this. Every drop makes the ocean and if you make changes to reduce the amount of waste you produce on a daily basis and you find responsible waste disposal methods to get rid of the little garbage you do produce, you can make an impact, however small on the garbage crisis facing the world today. As of today, there is more garbage in the oceans than there are fish and they predict that there may not be fish in the ocean at all as of the year two thousand and fifty because we kill so many tons of fish every day for human consumption and the rest are drowning due to the garbage in the oceans.

If you initiate responsible waste removal Sydney others will be inspired to do the same and they will follow in your footsteps. You need to teach your children about the subject and educate them so that they will go and speak about it in their schools and their own friends will follow in their footsteps. We need to teach children to use their creativity to create new things from the trash that they create and to use less things in the first place so that they create less trash. Simple things like using a lunchbox can help so much.